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WebR Thursday, January 19th, 2023

Jane G

Having known Carol Bustamante for several years she has thrived in Reading accurately for me on a monthly basis. The information she has shared with me has been on the money. Carol is an amazing , wonderful spirit and psychic. She has been so helpful in so many areas of my life. Not only has she allowed me to look in a positive direction and encourage me, she has guided me through some rough times. She has pushed me forward through my fears on numerous occasions. Carol is truly gifted and a beautiful woman inside and out. She knows how to relay a message with a positive outcome. She has taught me how to forgive those who have irritated me in the past by guiding me to send love and light to them. Sitting with Carol for an hour allows me to dream and she helps me to put my dreams into motion. I’ve been with Carol since my mom was diagnosed with cancer several years ago. She was the mentor who helped me face and assist my mom as best as possible in the most loving and educated way. If you need advice, support, strength, guidance or just a break from life you will find yourself in a much better place after a reading session with Carol. It’s truly like having tea or coffee with your BFF.

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